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A superstar in urban lit, Essence bestselling author Danielle Santiago concludes her gripping Harlem trilogy with a sizzling, streetwise novel about an all-female drug cartel. Twenty-year-old Arnessa didn’t grow up on the streets. But when her mentally ill mother abandons her and her older brother is murdered, Arnessa has no choice but to hustle just to keep herself and her little sister alive. Kisa “Kane” Montega, on the other hand, has a wonderful marriage, two beautiful children, and lives in a stunning home on the outskirts of Charlotte. Her cousin, Kennedy, has spent two years away from the volatile music industry, focusing on her children and building a solid foundation with her rap star fiancé, Chaz. But in spite of their success, both Kane and Kennedy are gravitating back to their old ways and the game they thought they’d left behind.

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Danielle Santiago

Danielle Santiago is 25 years old, she resides in Harlem with her 3-year old son Kaden. This is her first novel. The second installment in the Harlem Story series is do out this fall. It is titled Grinding for Keeps. Danielle is truly an entrepreneur. She owns and operates Mischievous Girl Ink publishing. Danielle also shows her continued dedication to the community by establishing The Mischievous Girl foundation. A foundation dedicated to helping battered women and inner city girls.

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