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In February 6, 1952, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor became Elizabeth II, Queen of England. Monarch is bestselling author Robert Lacey's unique biography of Elizabeth Windsor as well as his acute analysis of history's most durable symbol of political authority: the British monarchy. Monarch is a revelatory examination of Elizabeth II as a human being and of an institution shaped over the years by the wishes and dreams -- and sometimes the anger and unhappiness -- of the British people. As such, it is both a celebration and an analysis of the world's best-known monarchy. Here are Elizabeth's ancestors and models: her great-grandmother Victoria (adored as a young queen, derided for her middle-aged seclusion from her subjects, and revered as the longest-reigning monarch in British history); the playboy Prince of Wales, later Edward VII; Elizabeth's grandfather George V; her adored uncle David, who abdicated as Edward VIII; her father, George VI; and her extraordinarily well loved mother, the Queen Mum.

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Robert Lacey

Robert Lacey is a renowned British historian, the author of numerous international bestsellers, and the historical consultant on The Crown. For nearly forty years, Robert has been writing about Queen Elizabeth II and her extraordinary life, making him an expert of her long reign. Majesty, his pioneering biography of the Queen, is the definitive study of British monarchy--a subject on which Robert lectures around the world, appearing regularly on television.Photo Credit: Mark Maryanovich

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