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Do you refuse to take the top newspaper on a stack (even if perfect)?Insist that the toilet paper hang "over"?Wait for the phone to ring at least twice before answering?Keep returning to the refrigerator hoping that something new to eat has materialized?Kids say the darndest things? Adults DO them!!! In this follow-up to her successful And I Thought I Was Crazy!, author Judy Reiser offers up more hilarious eccentricities exhibited (and confessed to) by otherwise normal people. Everyone has at least one particular oddity in his or her daily way of life. These side-splitting actions are categorized from hilarious bathroom behavior, funny money routines, and unconventional clothing habits to eating and sleeping peculiarities, germ-a-phobia, and more.

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Judy Reiser

Judy Reiser personally interviewed thousands of people for her three acclaimed books:Admit It, You're Crazy! Quirks, Idiosyncrasies & Irrational BehaviorAnd I Thought I Was Crazy! Quirks, Idiosyncrasies & MeshugaasIn a Cell Phone MinuteHer books have received much media attention with reviews and excerpts in prestigious publications such as The New York Times Book Review, AARP Bulletin, Reader's Digest, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan and many others as well as speaking engagements and appearances on hundreds of national and international radio and television shows, including The Today Show.Judy began collecting quirks when she divulged something crazy she does (she doesn't remember which one it was--there are so many) and her friend shared something he does. After having a good laugh about it, she soon discovered that everyone has quirks. She has been observing, gathering, marveling at and laughing about quirks ever since and is recognized for helping to bring the subject to the forefront. Her husband insists that had she written the quirk books as an autobiography, they would have been much longer!She looked at her cell phone one day and thought, "I wonder if there are any good stories here?" She began inquiring and found that there were very entertaining stories. She collected them and the result is, "In a Cell Phone Minute" . The book is shaped like and opens vertically like a flip-top phone.Judy is also the designer of her books.People do the darndest things & audiences love to hear about it! Judy has her audience laughing in recognition when she delivers her entertaining, humorous as well as insightful talk.For more info on Judy & her books visit:http://www.judyreiser.com

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