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After dancing through the night on Midsummer Eve at the Glastonbury Tor, Alys Hollingberry suddenly dies. Sabbie Dare is in shock over the news, and when Alys's shamanic guru confesses that she may have unwittingly taken drugs during his ritual, Sabbie's shock turns into horror.

Having received sinister emails about Alys, her grieving husband Brice approaches Sabbie for help. She turns to the spirit world for guidance but receives only conflicting and enigmatic answers.

Sabbie tries seeking help from her boyfriend, Detective Inspector Rey Buckley, but he is embroiled in problems of his own. As she heads closer to the truth about Alys's death, a deranged killer is also heading towards a final victim, and both are closer to Sabbie than she knows.


"Milton's third series entry is tense, atmospheric, and well written. With its fascinating details about shamanic lore and an unusual sleuth, this title is bound to lure aficionados of New Age books as well as mystery readers who enjoy something a bit different." -- Library Journal

"Milton puts an intriguing New Age spin on the traditional English mystery." -- Publishers Weekly

"A great mystery . . . holds the interest from beginning to end." -- Suspense Magazine

"[Milton] has become a mistress of plot-weaving, and above all, she pulls off the trick of setting the totally fantastic amid the totally everyday and making the two fit together with pace and excitement." -- Ronald Hutton, author of The Triumph of the Moon, Shamans, and Pagan Britain

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