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Take your tarot reading to a higher level. With an emphasis on tarot's astrological influences and a number of detailed sample readings, Tarot Beyond the Basics shows the way to becoming an advanced practitioner. Here, Anthony Louis shares how-to instructions for working with reversals, number symbolism, intuition, the four elements, and the philosophical roots of tarot. Explaining astrology for tarot readers clearly and in a way that makes sense, Louis shows how to use the tarot to give powerful readings that change people's lives. The "real" tarot exists in the mind of each reader and is interlaced with his or her stories and experiences. The abundance of knowledge presented in Tarot Beyond the Basics is sure to make your readings come alive with meaning and significance.

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Anthony Louis

Anthony Louis is a psychiatrist who has been studying astrology as a serious avocation since his early teens and tarot for the past three decades. His longstanding interest in the history and symbolism of the divinatory arts led him to lecture internationally and to publish numerous articles and books on astrology, tarot, and other forms of divination. His highly acclaimed text on horary astrology first appeared in 1991 and was revised and reissued in 1996. His bestselling book 'Tarot Plain and Simple' is a perennial favorite.

A more advanced book entitled 'Tarot Beyond the Basics' was released by Llewellyn in April of 2014. A reviewer in Library Journal (14 Apr 2014) said of Louis' most recent tarot text: "Well researched and organized and offering a fantastic card-by-card appendix, this title will satisfy readers of tarot and divination systems who are looking for depth." -- Janet Tapper

In 2013 Louis began to publish e-books about astrology and tarot for Kindle on amazon.com. He has also written the text for reports on vocation, secondary progressions, and solar returns for Halloran software's AstrolDeluxe Report Writer and has translated into English Morin's Book 18 of Astrologia Gallica on the strengths and weaknesses of the planets. Based on his study of Morin's work on solar returns, he reviewed the classic and modern literature and in 2008 published "The Art of Forecasting with Solar Returns."

The author is a member of the Astrological Society of Connecticut. His blog is at http://tonylouis.wordpress.com/

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