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A groundbreaking book exploring the little-known yet critical connections between anxiety and grief, with practical strategies for healing, following the renowned Kübler-Ross stages model

Anxiety disorders are on the rise; many people are looking for resources to help them cope with anxiety, yet most people aren't aware that unresolved grief is a primary underpinning--or that the two are related at all. In her therapy practice and in her own life, Claire Bidwell Smith discovered the connections between anxiety and grief. Now, backed by research, case studies, and interviews, Bidwell Smith breaks down the physiology of anxiety, giving readers a concrete foundation of understanding in order to help them heal the anxiety caused by loss. Taking a big step beyond Elisabeth Kübler-Ross' widely accepted five stages, Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief explains the intimate connection between death and grief and how they specifically cause anxiety--unpacking everything from our age-old fears about mortality to the bare vulnerability a loss can make us feel.

With concrete tools and coping strategies for panic attacks, getting a handle on anxious thoughts, and more, Bidwell Smith bridges these two emotions in a way that is deeply empathetic and eminently practical.

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Claire Bidwell Smith

Claire Bidwell Smith is a therapist specializing in grief and the author of three books of nonfiction: The Rules of Inheritance (Penguin 2012) , After This: When Life is Over Where Do We Go? (Penguin, 2015) and the forthcoming Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief (Da Capo, 2018) .

The Rules of Inheritance has been published in 18 countries and is currently being adapted for film. Claire has written for various publications including The New York Times, Salon.com, Slate, Chicago Public Radio, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and Yoga Journal. Claire lives in Santa Monica with her two daughters and leads numerous workshops and retreats around the country. www.clairebidwellsmith.com

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