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Everything you need to know to plan for your own safe, financially secure, healthy, and happy old age
For those who have no support system in place, the thought of aging without help can be a frightening, isolating prospect. Whether you have friends and family ready and able to help you or not, growing old does not have to be an inevitable decline into helplessness. It is possible to maintain a good quality of life in your later years, but having a plan is essential. Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old? equips readers with everything they need to prepare on their own:
Advice on the tough medical, financial, and housing decisions to comeReal solutions to create a support networkQuestions about aging solo readers don't know to askCustomizable worksheets and checklists that help keep plans on courseGuidance on new products, services, technology, and resourcesWho Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old? goes way beyond estate planning to help readers prepare for all the changes in store. Readers are empowered to make proactive plans for their own lives rather than entrusting decisions to family and community.

About the Author

Joy Loverde

Joy Loverde has a reputation for being a path carver and visionary. Joy is the author of the "Who Will Take Care Of Me When I'm Old? " and the best-seller, "The Complete Eldercare Planner." The American Medical Association says, "It's the best book we've seen."

Over 30 years experience as a media spokesperson, Joy's appearances include the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, CNN Headline News, ABC News, Fox News, National Public Radio, and others.

During her career, she has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, TIME, Money, New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Reuters, Reader's Digest, Family Circle, Psychology Today, Good Housekeeping, among others. USA TODAY ran a four-part series on Joy's eldercare programs.

Joy's keynote testimonials speak for themselves. "The seminar was superb! Best one I've been to," National Institutes of Health. "Joy's presentation was creative, thoughtful, funny, touching, and practical all at the same time. She received rave reviews from attendees." Three Crowns Park. Joy specializes in keynotes and workshops for family members and professionals: employers, women's groups, conferences, church groups, law firms, financial institutions, alumni associations, adult ed, senior housing, health care providers and retreat centers.

A seasoned on-camera marketing professional, product endorsements include GoodFeet, Energizer Battery Company, American Senior's Housing Association, Estate Inventory Services, Presto!You're Connected, and a host of other mature-market products and services.

With a focus on the mature-market population, Joy serves as a consultant to senior housing, HR professionals, attorneys, financial planners, clergy,and other members of the fast-growing eldercare industry.

Joy's work has taken her to every corner of the world where she has personally interacted with thousands of family members and professionals in the field of aging. She also loves connecting with you on social media.

Wife, mom, grandma, Cubs fan, Joy, is a family caregiver for her mother, married to family-law attorney, David V. Schultz, and resides in Chicago.

Check out Joy's project s by visiting her website: www.elderindustry.com.

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