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When Crispin Guest finds himself trapped in circumstances outside his control, he must rely on the wits of his young apprentice, Jack Tucker, to do the rescuing.

Crispin awakens in a strange bed after a night of passion when he finds a woman dead, murdered. Drunk, Crispin scarcely remembers the night before. Did he kill her? But when other young women turn up dead under similar circumstances, he knows there is a deadly stalker loose in London. Could it have to do with the mysterious Tears of the Virgin Mary kept under lock and key by a close-lipped widow, a relic that a rival family would kill to get their hands on? What does this relic, that forces empathy on all those surrounding it, have to do with murder for hire?

With Crispin shackled and imprisoned by the immutable sheriffs who would just as soon see him hang than get to the real truth, Jack hits the ground running and procures the help of a fresh young lawyer to help them solve the crime.

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Jeri Westerson

Hey, thanks for stopping by.

I'm Jeri Westerson and I write medieval mysteries with an enigmatic, flawed, sexy, and very different protagonist. His name is Crispin Guest and he's a disgraced knight turned detective on the mean streets of fourteenth century London. The series is the Crispin Guest Medieval Noir Mysteries.

But I also write the new urban fantasy series BOOKE OF THE HIDDEN. Kylie Strange moves to rural Maine for a fresh start. But she gets more than she bargained for when she finds a supernatural book bricked into the wall of her new tea shop. As soon as she opens the Booke of the Hidden, all Hell literally breaks loose. The mysterious and handsome Erasmus Dark shows up unannounced, the demon of the Booke and says he's here to help Kylie...but is he? With the help of a ragtag group of local Wiccans, Kylie unravels the Booke's deadly secrets.

Some personal facts: I was born and bred in Los Angeles inhaling smog and enduring earthquakes. I've been writing fiction for some time, became a freelance reporter, published award-winning short stories, and am scribbling away at the Crispin Guest series, a paranormal series called Booke of the Hidden, and looking for a publisher for my steampunk series, the Conjurer Chronicles.

See the Crispin series book trailer and book discussion guides at www.JeriWesterson.com, and the BOOKE OF THE HIDDEN book trailer at www.BOOKEoftheHIDDEN.com

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Besides writing I am a public speaker, artist, singer, wife, and mother. I am former President for the Southern California chapter of Mystery Writers of America, former VP of the Los Angeles Chapter of Sisters in Crime, former president of the Orange County chapter of Sisters in Crime, a member of the Historical Novel Society, and Horror Writers Association. I live with my photographer husband, one disdainful tortoise, and a bevy of bees in my home in Southern California.

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