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Benjamin January is forced to travel to Haiti to seek his familys lost treasure, in order to save everything he holds dearWhen Jefferson Vitrack the white half-brother of Benjamin Januarys wife - turns up on Januarys doorstep in the summer of 1838 claiming he has discovered a clue to the whereabouts of the familys lost treasure, January has no hesitation about refusing to help look for it. For the treasure lies in Haiti, the island that was once Frances most profitable colony until the blood-chilling repression practiced there by the whites upon their slaves triggered a savage rebellion. The worlds only Black Republic still looks with murderous mistrust upon any strangers who might set foot there, and January is in no hurry to go.But when Vitrack is murdered, and attempts are made on Januarys wife and himself, he understands that he has no choice.

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Barbara Hambly

"Barbara Hambly (b. 1951) is a New York Times bestselling author of fantasy and science fiction, as well as historical novels set in the nineteenth century. After receiving a master's degree in medieval history, she published The Time of the Dark, the first novel in the Darwath saga, in 1982, establishing herself as an author of serious speculative fiction. Since then she has created several series, including the Windrose Chronicles, Sun-Cross, and Sun Wolf and Starhawk, in addition to writing for the Star Wars and Star Trek universes.

Besides fantasy, Hambly has won acclaim for the James Asher vampire series, which won the Locus Award for best horror novel in 1989, and the Benjamin January mystery series, featuring a brilliant African-American surgeon in antebellum New Orleans. She lives in Los Angeles."

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