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1840. Miranda Jarvis would do anything to protect her sister – so when Lucy comes down with a fever, she thinks nothing of stealing a loaf of bread from a local landowner. After all, things can’t get much worse: after their father died, they were turned out of their home, and their mother lost her life on the road giving birth to a stillborn infant. Robbed by strangers, the pair of them have nothing, and no one to help them. Miranda doesn’t count on being nearly brained by the cook’s rolling pin . . . but nor does she count on the house’s owner himself. The seemingly respectable businessman Sir James, known for his philanthropy, takes a keen interest in Miranda and her sister, and they are soon established in his household.

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Janet Woods

Janet Woods was born and grew up in the county of Dorset in the UK. She left school at 15 and married the boy who lived up the road when they were both 19. They were born a day apart, attended the same schools and played together in the same park. In 1967 they emigrated to Australia and settled in the west with two of their 4 children. Janet enjoyed her time being a homemaker and mother. Becoming an author was something she'd never imagined for herself, but one day she read a historical romance that she enjoyed, and thought she might be able to write one just like it. So she did, and was instantly hooked on writing. That book will never see the light of day, but the rest is history. In 2002 she was proud to be rewarded for her efforts by winning the mainstream section of the Australian "Romantic Book of The Year" award with her first published historical romance, Daughter of Darkness. Janet enjoys writing historical and modern romance and regional saga.

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