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Alison's shady ex needs to use her haunted guesthouse as a hideout in the latest from the national bestselling author of Ghost in the Wind.Where Alison Kerby's ex-husband goes, trouble follows. This time, unfortunately, he's brought that trouble right to her doorstep. On the run from a business deal gone bad, Steven, aka "the Swine," owes some scary people a staggering sum of money. No need to panic, though. He has a plan: Sell Alison's Jersey Shore guesthouse to pay them off. Before Alison has a chance to read Steven the riot act, he disappears - after a mysterious man trailing him ends up full of bullet holes. Now the police are next to darken her doorway. For all his faults, Steven is still the father of Alison's daughter, so with the help of ghosts Maxie and Paul, Alison sets out to find her ex and clear him of the murder.

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E. J. Copperman

E.J. Copperman is the figment of someone's imagination. The pseudonym for another writer of funny mystery novels, Copperman has now written four series: The Haunted Guesthouse mysteries, in which a single mom buys a Jersey Shore house to turn into an inn without realizing there are two dead people inhabiting the place; the Mysterious Detective mysteries, in which a midlist mystery author is confronted by a physical embodiment of her fictional sleuth, who insists he needs her help in solving cases; the Asperger's mysteries in which a man with an autism-spectrum disorder opens a business offering to answer customers' questions if he finds them interesting (and usually gets involved in solving a murder) and the Agent to the Paws mysteries, in which a theatrical agent whose clients are all furry beasts (not the human kind) finds herself defending her clients while humans are being murdered in their general vicinity.That sounds like a lot. I'd better lie down for a while. Welcome! Take a look around! Post questions if you like!

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