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Pansy the poodle and her human friend Avery have solved mysteries all over the world -- from foiling a jewel thief in Los Angeles to tracking down one of the Queen's precious corgi puppies in London. But their newest adventure takes them even farther from home, on a safari in Africa, where a beloved lion cub has gone missing. Pansy and Avery volunteer to help find the cub, and set off with their guides to follow paw prints and other clues. Along the way, they see and learn about the exotic landscape and animals of Africa, and even learn a few words in Swahili. When they find little Zuri, they discover that his talent for dancing has turned him into a movie star! In the end, they reunite the cub with his family and friends, and everyone learns a valuable lesson: It is our differences that make each of us special.

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Cynthia Bardes

Cynthia Bardes is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. She lives with her husband and Pansy in Vero Beach, Florida. Pansy at the Palace is her first picture book.

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