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PGA Tour player, Chuck Workman's autobiography, details his life growing up as the son of Charlie "The Bug" Workman, notorious enforcer for the mob's Murder Incorporated, who was incarcerated over 24 years for the murder of Mob Boss Dutch Schultz.Chuck Workman, at 83, has never truly retired from the game, networking or golf. He carries a charm; intangible and inherited, it is infectious, and provides a knowing glimpse into the past of his family and his life. In telling his, and his father's story, a deeper mystery emerges from the height of the days when mafia ruled- in a murky world between murder and a different code of ethics, "I know what your father did ... " Is not said in fear, but with gratitude, awe and respect. With the help of Author Peter Cimino, after a lifetime, he is finally telling their story.

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