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A vivid account of America at the pivot point of the postwar era, Harry Truman's first full year in office In 1946, America had just exited the biggest war in modern history and was about to enter another of a kind no one had fought before. We think of this moment as the brilliant start of America Triumphant, in world politics and economics. But the reality is murkier: 1946 brought tension between industry and labor, political disunity, bad veteran morale, housing crises, inflation, a Soviet menace - all shadowed by an indecisiveness that would plague decision makers who would waffle between engagement and isolation, as the country itself pivoted between prosperity and retrenchment, through the rest of the century. The Year of Indecision, 1946 overturns the image of Truman as a can-do leader - 1946, in fact, marked a nadir in his troubled presidency.

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Kenneth Weisbrode

Kenneth Weisbrode is Assistant Professor of History at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. His specialist research area is the history of diplomacy, with a focus on American and European history of the 20th century. Within this field, he is concerned with the relations of official institutions - principally foreign offices - to informal diplomatic networks in the Atlantic region. His dissertation at Harvard University led to the book "The Atlantic Century: Four Generations of Extraordinary Diplomats who Forged America's Vital Alliance with Europe" (2009) .

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