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Nearly every kid in Room 3B is trying to get picked for the South School Safety Patrol Squadespecially Harry. Harry wants a star badge just like his grandpas, so he works extra hard to be the perfect student hanging up his jacket neatly, organizing the crayons in rainbow order, andhis favorite partcleaning up sticky noodles off the floor after lunch. But Doug thinks someone is taking the power of Safety Patrol too far, maybe even using it to cheat at the Spring Book Fair Raffle! This is Harrys chance to stop the horrible bully and prove that he deserves a special star. Can he do it,

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Suzy Kline

Suzy Kline, the author of the Horrible Harry and Song Lee books, lives in Willington, Connecticut with her husband, Rufus. Suzy and Rufus have been married for over forty years. They met in the state where they both grew up: California. Suzy grew up in Berkeley and Rufus in Sacramento. Suzy graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in European history. She met Rufus at the Davis campus while attending that campus for a year. They got married and lived in different places, including Canada, before settling into Connecticut, the state they now call home.Suzy taught in 5th and 6th grades at Shannon Elementary School in Richmond, California for 3 years, and 2nd and 3rd grades at Southwest Elementary School in Torrington, Connecticut for 24 years before retiring. She now enjoys writing full-time and visiting schools and libraries. The couple share their home with two cats, Teeter and Hoag. They have two daughters, Jennifer and Emily, and five grandchildren.Suzy and Rufus enjoy attending UConn football and basketball games, and Suzy uses the UConn library as a reference for her writing facts.

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