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Take a gripping mystery and suspense novel, infuse it with faith, and you get a page-turning Christian suspense with twists and turns you won't be able to put down! "The plot had a divine purpose and strong characters. Loved the way the story unraveled and had you guessing until the end!""Wow, just wow! A poignant, suspense filled story packed with faith, doubt, hope and forgiveness." - - - - - - - - - - A childhood tragedy almost destroyed his life. A tragedy everyone thought was just an accident.So Adam Cross rebuilds his life in a small coastal town on the East Coast, pastoring The Lighthouse mission. The close-knit community of Turtle Cove surrounds him, he has his beautiful wife, Ruth by his side, and the delight of their little girl, Abigail.

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Urcelia Teixeira

Urcelia Teixeira is an award-winning author of gripping Christian suspense thrillers. You will enjoy her books if you like twisty mysteries tinged with clean action, page-turning suspense, and deep-rooted biblical truths. All her books are free from profanity and unnecessary sexually suggestive scenes. She made her writing debut in December 2017, kicking off her newly discovered author journey with her fast-paced archaeological adventure thriller novels that readers have described as 'Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft with a twist of Bourne. 'But, five novels in, and nearly eighteen months later, she had a spiritual awakening, and she wrote the sixth and final book in her Alex Hunt Adventure Thriller series. She now fondly refers to The Caiaphas Code as her redemption book, her statement of faith. And although this series has reached multiple Amazon Bestseller lists, she took the bold step of following her true calling and switched to writing what naturally flows from her heart and soul: Christian Suspense. A committed Christian for nearly twenty years, she now lives by the following mantra:"I used to be just a writer. Now, I am a writer with a purpose!"For more on her and her books, please browse these pages or visit her website. Sign up for updates, cover reveals, sneak peeks, and exclusive VIP reader discounts. Never miss a new release! Follow her on BookBub

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