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• What’s the difference between “texting” and “e-mail”? • How can I connect my e-mail to my mobile devices? • Should I buy an iPad or tablet (and how do they fit to my life)? • How can I convert my old records and CDs into digital music? • How can I search the Internet more effectively? • Can I access “apps” on my television? For that matter, what are “apps”? • What, exactly, is The Cloud? How does Skype work? Help! Talk about a generation gap! Millions of highly competent adults find themselves nearly paralyzed at the thought of operating in an increasingly digital universe. Just Tell Me How It Works author Paul Lance believes you should be in charge of this technology, not the other way around.

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Paul Lance

Providing books and workshops, his company delivers the ease and understanding people need to feel in control over our ever-changing digital world.

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