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This book is the perfect first step for people who are interested in Ruby, particularly the growing number of the Ruby on Rails users. Fully revised and updated to cover Ruby 2.3, the second edition provides a guided, hands-on tour of the basic Ruby language structures.Through many practical examples, you'll learn how all the pieces fit together, including variables, operators, control structures, and a wide variety of features specific to Ruby, such as exception handling and XML processing.

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Michael FitzGerald

I love my family, books and writing, horses and skiing, and now running. I graduated with a bachelors in English from BYU and have worked as a writer ever since. I started keeping a personal journal in 1976 and accidentally wrote over 7,000 pages. I'm also the author of over twenty books in several genres, most recently a New Young Adult fantasy set in the contemporary West, Song of Falling Leaves. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served as a missionary in Ohio and recently as a bishop. My wife Cristi and I married in the Manti Temple in 1979, and we have three daughters and four grandsons.

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