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This book is the perfect first step for people who are interested in Ruby, particularly the growing number of the Ruby on Rails users. Fully revised and updated to cover Ruby 2.3, the second edition provides a guided, hands-on tour of the basic Ruby language structures.Through many practical examples, you'll learn how all the pieces fit together, including variables, operators, control structures, and a wide variety of features specific to Ruby, such as exception handling and XML processing.

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Michael FitzGerald

Since 1990 Michael FitzGerald has had eleven books published on a variety of topics.His main areas of writing are history - particularly the Third Reich and prehistory, paranormal phenomena and UFOs.His first novel "Payback," an alternate history thriller set in 1938 Italy, was published by Moonshine Cove.His most recent book, "Hitler's War Beneath The Waves," was published by Arcturus Publishing in March 2020.

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