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Bestselling author Ruth Reichl takes readers on a food-, art-, and fashion-filled adventure through 1980s Paris in this dazzling, heartfelt novel, "an enchanting story about a woman's unexpectedly transformative journey" (Paula McLain) .. Stella reached for an oyster, tipped her head, and tossed it back. It was cool and slippery, the flavor so briny it was like diving into the ocean. Oysters, she thought. Where have they been all my life?. When her estranged mother dies, Stella is left with an unusual inheritance: a one-way plane ticket and a note reading "Go to Paris." Stella is hardly cut out for adventure; a traumatic childhood has kept her confined to the strict routines of her comfort zone. But when her boss encourages her to take time off, Stella resigns herself to honoring her mother's last wishes.

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