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An accessible family cookbook that offers solutions rather than tricks to empower the food-averse, autistic, and picky eater, with 46 recipes.. This much-needed cookbook combines tips and techniques with a dash of understanding about food aversion and how to help your kids - and yourself - cook beautiful meals in an empowering way, and is a groundbreaking resource for anyone who has ever been called "picky" or "discerning." Learn how to alter the texture or taste profile of a dish, or even fit it within a specific palette with a unique color-coded guide. Delicious, nutritious, and easily tailored recipes (including for gluten-free and vegan eaters) include:. the perfect smashed cheeseburgerItalian sausage and potato soupthe best omeletstuffed focaccia chocolate pinwheelsand dozens more Professional chef Matthew Broberg-Moffitt's advice is broken down by category (The Five Tastes, Texture, Color, Aroma, Presentation, and Plating) in order to address each and every aspect of food aversion, and a Food Preference Profile and Worksheet is included for you and your child to quickly identify and summarize their preferences.

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