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 A freighter carrying top-secret computers of unparalleled capability disappears in the Western Pacific. While searching for a lost treasure that once belonged to the famous Chinese pirate queen, Ching Shih, Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are redirected to look for the missing vessel. 

    Discovering that the sinking of the ship is just part of an intricate web of deception, they find themselves in the middle of a cyber-war between rival groups of hackers, both of whom want to control the flow of data around the world.
    With no allies except a group of pirates who operate under their own crude laws, Kurt and Joe must rescue a colleague held hostage—while keeping the computers out of Russian or Chinese hands and the world’s digital information safe from the hackers.

About the Author

Graham Brown

Graham Brown grew up in Illinois, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, moving often with his family. As far as he knows they weren't part of any top secret government agency - but then - would he really know? A former pilot and lawyer and later part of a start up health care firm, Graham decided he hadn't had enough different careers yet and decided to become a writer.A huge fan of Clive Cussler, Michael Crichton, Stephen King and television shows like the X-files and Lost, Graham's first novel Black Rain debuted in January 2010. Since then he's written two other books in the Hawker/Laidlaw series: Black Sun and The Eden Prophecy and is also co-writes the NUMA Files series with Clive Cussler. As well as writing with Spencer J. Andrews on the Shadows series and the Sci-Fi hit The Gods of War."I'm a huge fan of all kinds of writing. I enjoy the traditional publishing world because of it's reach and breadth, and I love the world of self publishing through Amazon, where you can write books the traditional publishers would never be able to take a chance on.""This year is going to be a busy one. The next NUMA FILES novel is coming together with Clive. I have a short story in the Hawker/Laidlaw series that will be self-published and at least two other books that will come out, starting with Shadows 2: The Half Life. This is the sequel to Shadows of the Midnight Sun. It really takes the story in some unexpected directions."Please visit my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/graham.brown.165/ for updates or my website www.grahambrownthrillers.com.All the best,Graham

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