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. . .Claudia is used to disregarding her fractious family's model-minority expectations: she has no interest in finding either a conventional career or a nice Chinese boy. She's also used to keeping secrets from them, such as that she prefers girls - and that she's just been stealth-recruited by Veracity, a referrals-only online-dating detective agency. A lifelong mystery reader who wrote her senior thesis on Jane Austen, Claudia believes she's landed her ideal job. But when a client vanishes, Claudia breaks protocol to investigate - and uncovers a maelstrom of personal and corporate deceit. Part literary mystery, part family story, The Verifiers is a clever and incisive examination of how technology shapes our choices, and the nature of romantic love in the digital age.

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Jane Pek

Hi! I was born and grew up in Singapore, and now live in New York. My short fiction has been anthologised in The Best American Short Stories. My debut novel The Verifiers is forthcoming from Vintage/Knopf in February 2022. During the day, and sometimes night, I work as a lawyer at a global investment company. Some of the things I'm into: picking up different martial arts (to date: taekwondo, capoeira, and Krav Maga) , reading coming-of-age novels, watching contemporary theatre, and cycling around the city in search of superlative almond croissants.

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