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Samantha Barnes was always a foodie. So when the CIA (that's the Culinary Institute of America) came calling, she happily traded in Cape Cod for the Big Apple. Soon the young chef is a rising star in the city's food scene - until a feud with another chef (her ex) boils over and goes viral. So when Sam inherits her Great-Aunt Ida's house on the Cape and lands a job writing restaurant reviews, it seems like the perfect pairing. What could go wrong? Well, as it turns out, a lot. The dilapidated house comes with an enormous puppy. Her new boss is, well, bossy. And the town's new harbormaster is none other than her first love. Nonetheless, Sam's looking forward to testing her inner food critic at the Bayview Grille - and indeed the seafood chowder is divine.

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Amy Pershing

Amy Pershing is a pioneer in the treatment of binge eating disorder (BED) . With over thirty years experience in treating BED, Amy trains clinical professionals and speaks internationally on binge eating disorder, body image, and her own journey of recovery. She works virtually with clients from around the world. Visit her programs at www.thebodywiseprogram.com and www.hungerwise.com

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