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A deeply funny and shrewdly observed debut novel about being lost in the very place you know by heart.Bennett Driscoll is a Turner Prize-nominated artist who was once a rising star. Now, at age fifty-five, his wife has left him, he hasn't sold a painting in two years, and his galley wants to stop selling his work, claiming they'll have more value retrospectively...when he's dead. So, left with a large West London home and no income, he's forced to move into his artist's studio in the back garden and rent out his house on the popular vacation rental site, AirBed.A stranger now in his own home, and with his daughter, Mia, off at art school and any new relationships fizzling out at best, Bennett struggles to find purpose in his day-to-day. That all changes when three different guests--lonely American Alicia; tortured artist Emma; and cautiously optimistic divorcee Kirstie--unwittingly unlock the pieces of himself that have been lost to him for too long.

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Kate Russo

Dr Kate Russo is an Australian Author, Psychologist and Eclipse Chaser based in Belfast, UK. She is a leading authority on the human experience of the total solar eclipse, and an expert Eclipse Planning Consultant. Kate has traveled the world to experience ten total eclipses over a period of 17 years.

Kate's aim is to bridge the gap between psychology and astronomy by researching and communicating about the eclipse experience. Kate is the person who is most able to answer the key question - what is it like to experience a total solar eclipse? Not only is she able to talk from her personal experiences, she can also share the experience of the hundreds of others she has surveyed and interviewed. She engages in events, media, research and outreach before every total eclipse.

Kate is frequently cited in the media, with her work and guidance being drawn upon across the path of totality. She is unique because she is able to communicate about the eclipse experience in a passionate and relatable manner, drawing upon her twenty-year background as a Clinical Psychologist, and academic formerly at Queen's University Belfast.

Now leading eclipse tours and advising communities on eclipse planning, she believes that if everyone could see a total solar eclipse at least once in his or her life, the world would be a better place.

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