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Written with inside access, comprehensive research, and a down-to-earth perspective, Phasers on Stun! chronicles the entire history of Star Trek, revealing that its enduring place in pop culture is all thanks to innovative pivots and radical change. For over five decades, the heart of Star Trek's pro-science, anti-racist, and inclusive messaging has been its willingness to take big risks. Across thirteen feature films, and twelve TV series - including five shows currently airing or in production - the brilliance of Star Trek is in its endless ability to be rethought, rebooted, and remade. Author and Star Trek expert Ryan Britt charts an approachable and entertaining course through Star Trek history; from its groundbreaking origins amid the tumultuous 1960s, to its influence on diversifying the space program, to its contemporary history-making turns with LGBTQ representation, this book illuminates not just the behind-the-scenes stories that shaped the franchise but the larger meaning of the Final Frontier.

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Ryan Britt

I am the author of the essay collection Luke Skywalker Can't Read and Other Geeky Truths from Plume (Penguin Random House.) Previously, I was the staff writer for Tor.com. My work has been published with the New York Times, VICE, Den of Geek!, Nerve.com, and elsewhere. I am currently an Associate Editor at Inverse.com

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