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Big Boy Underpants offers a light, positive approach to motivate little boys to become toilet-trained. Snappy, rhyming text and bright, quirky illustrations sound the perfect note to encourage toddlers who want to wear big boy underpants - just like Daddy! Sturdy board pages will hold up to repeated readings, as little boys get ready to say, "Bye-bye, diapers!" This is the perfect companion to Big Girl Panties.

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Fran Manushkin

I've been writing children's books since forever! (Actually, 1972.) I love my work, and I'm particularly proud of my 40-book Katie Woo series: the first easy to read chapter books that star an Asian child.
Now Katie's friend Pedro has his own 4-book series: Pedro For President, Pedro Goes Buggy, Pedro's Mystery Club, and Pedro's Big Goal. All four of these stories can also be read in one big volume, Pedro: First Grade Hero. Two additional Pedro books are coming in January: Pedro and the Shark and Pirate Pedro.

I'm also the author of "Happy In Our Skin," a bouncy, rhyming tribute to skin and to diverse families. School Library Journal calls it "a delightful feel-good story." It came out a year ago and is in its third printing: thrilling!

My other books include the toilet training board books, Big Girl Panties and Big Boy Underpants. They really work! Big Girl Panties has over 500 enthusiastic reader reviews! Big Boy Underpants just came out and has already been reprinted.

My other books include the popular Big Sisters are the Best and Big Brothers are the Best.

To find out more about all the Katie Woo books, check this website for information and free downloadables: http://www.capstonekids.com/characters/Katie-Woo/

I love to do school or Skype visits and can be contacted through my Website:www.franmanushkin.com. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter.

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