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A fresh twist on Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree based on a real tree in Wisconsin that became something more, this is a timeless story about loss and renewal at home and in nature.

"This is a true story about a Tree that grew from something more than water and sunshine. It grew from love."

The animals and humans always knew their tree was special. The trunk was the best place to host championship bingo tournaments, and the branches were perfect for swinging in the shade!

But when the tree gets sick, neighbors new and old will have to join forces if they have any chance of saving their treetop home.

A touching tale based on the true story of one special tree, and the community that brought it back to life.

About the Author

Tereasa Surratt

Tereasa Surratt spent her first 17 years among thefarms of rural Central Illinois, affording her the opportunityfor a diverse work background, includingwatermelon harvester, truck stop waitress, bartender,mural painter, antique dealer, interior designer,and most recently author. A Very Modest Cottage ispublished by Hearst Books/Sterling Publishing Co.,Inc. available April 2010. Tereasa's day job is advertisingcreative director, creating ad campaigns forbrands like Dove, Suave, Miller, and Sears. In additionto a lot of obscure industry awards and publicationsthat no one outside of advertising cares about,her print and tv work on Dove's 'real curves' CampaignFor Real Beauty has garnered press in everymajor pub from People to the Wall Street Journal,and featured on talk shows from Oprah to Conan toLetterman. She has served as a panelist at industryconferences, juried art shows, and mentored creativesat The Chicago Portfolio School. Tereasa'srenovation and interior design projects have beenfeatured in Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living,Chicago Home & Garden and the Chicago Tribune.Mrs. Surratt cannot decide which of her numerouspersonalities to humor: designer, author, artdirector, roofer, or thrift store junkie. You can followthis ongoing struggle at tereasa.com and averymodestcottage.blogspot.com.

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