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A celebration of a mother's love for her baby. Perfect for Mother's Day or a shower gift, with a padded cover and space for a personal photo. A cat has her kittens, a dog has her puppies, a sheep has her lamb, and I have you. This book celebrates the love between mothers and babies throughout the animal kingdom. Ducklings, piglets, foals, and fawns frolic through the pages. As our human baby grows from newborn to toddler, Mom offers the constant, comforting refrain: Wherever you go, whatever you see, I'll always have you and you'll always have me. Maggie Smith has created a classic first book for mothers and babies - a feast for the eyes and a hug for the heart.

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Maggie Smith

I enjoy inhabiting the child's world - especially between the ages of two and six when so much is magical and exciting. My stories spring from strong memories and feelings from my own childhood in a small New England town where craft and creativity were the norm. In my illustrations I try to create colorful and warm inviting worlds with expressive characters that draw readers in. Most of my books have lots of details to engage the curious minds of little ones and so that with repeat readings they can always find something new - this is the kind of book I loved as a child. My favorites were by Richard Scarry, Arnold Lobel, Cindy Szekeres, and Maurice Sendak - especially his early tiny pen & ink drawings for books written by Ruth Kraus.

In my adult life I have lived in New York City, Larchmont NY, coastal RI, Providence RI, Los Angeles, Austin and Seattle. Currently I live in Long Beach CA, a block and a half from the beach. Life is always interesting and ideas for books are always springing!

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