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Ellia Dawson doesn't recognize the handsome boy who sits in tears by her hospital bed. He claims he's her boyfriend, Liam. But to Ellia, he's a stranger. She remembers her name. Her parents. Her best friend, Stacey. But Liam is a total blank in her life. Liam McPherson is devastated. His girlfriend, Ellia, suffered a terrible accident--maybe because of him--and now she's lost her memory. But the harder Liam tries to reach Ellia, and remind her of what they had, the more she pulls away. As Ellia begins on the slow road to recovery, Liam begins work on a secret project that he hopes will bring back the girl he loved. But can there ever be a future when the past is in pieces? "

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Jaime Reed

I'm a YA writer and a former art student at Virginia Commonwealth University. After not getting into my art major, and three years of soul-searching in NYC, I returned to my hometown in VA and rediscovered my childhood love: writing. And I never looked back. Book 1 of my paranormal series, The Cambion Chronicles, comes out 01/ 2012. Represented by Kathleen Ortiz of Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation.

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