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Oona has found a very special egg. Oh, how she loves her baby! She'll do anything to protect this egg until it hatches. Then she can find out what's inside, even though it might just gobble her up! But Oona's precious bundle of eggy joy may never see the light of day. It seems everyone wants Oona's egg. Her little brother, Thunk, that smelly kid, Bruce Brute, and a bunch of others in her West Wog world all want a piece of Oona's treasure. Oona the protector, Oona the curious, Oona the mighty will do whatever it takes to safeguard her darling. No one will get their grimy, Cro-Magnony hands on her egg. Because, more than anything, Oona wants something of her very own to care for.

National Book Award finalist Adele Griffin pairs with artist Mike Wu to deliver a cast of lovable, primitive family and friends in West Wog. The stories pop with adventure, original language, and an unstoppable protagonist who is as adorable as the egg she's working so hard to protect.

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Adele Griffin

BE TRUE TO ME, my new YA beachy/romance/thriller, is out right now-- make it your sizzling summer read.

WELCOME TO CAMP WOGGLE joins my OODLETHUNKS series July 2017. Visit my web page www.adelegriffin.com to let me know if you'd like me to come visit your school to talk dinosaur facts and fiction.

Meantime, you can find me on twitter or Instagram at @adelegriffin

I update my author page on facebook a few times a week, too-- http://www.facebook.com/adelegriffinauthor

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