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Little Choo wants to be just like his dad, Papa Pufferbelly, but there's more to becoming Big Choo than he ever expected! He'll need all of his bravery, speed, strength, and smarts to roll on the main line. And Little Choo learns the biggest lesson of all, that if at first you don't succeed, maybe try a different way, but always try again!



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Stephen Shaskan

Stephen Shaskan grew up in Upstate New York, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to become a rock star! Since then Stephen has played in four rock bands. He has taught art classes for the Minnesota Museum of American Art, St. Paul Academy's Artward Bound program, and Jordan Park School of Extended Learning, a Minneapolis Public School. Stephen now works as a children's book author and illustrator, and as an early childhood educator at the Seward Child Care Center, where his musical talents have brought him rock star status among the children at the center. Whether he is writing and illustrating, or having a sing-a-long with the kids at SCCC, Stephen brings his love of art, music, children and humor to all his work. His debut picture book A Dog is a Dog made it on New York Public Library's Top 100 Books to Read and Share for 2011.

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