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Jules is back starring in another hilarious chapter book!Things I Didn't Know About Being on TVby Jules Bloom1. Shooting a pilot does not mean what you think it means.2. On TV, people live in mansions and have drivers!3. You get to completely change who you are, which everyone but me thinks I can do.4. You might have to miss the moving up play at school, which no one but me cares about.When Jules lands a role on a new TV show, she gets stuck choosing between taking part in her class moving up ceremony at school and shooting a sitcom. And that's only half the drama!With a quiet best friend who won't ever hoot and holler and an ex-best friend who may be moving to the burbs, Jules's insides are all mixed-up. She'll need a little bit of nerve and a whole lot of pizzazz if she wants to make it through the last month of second grade without turning into a drama queen! .

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Beth Ain


I grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania where I got to grow up across the street from my best friend, ride bikes after school, and get wet to my ankles in the creek in my neighborhood, trying to save frogs from being swept away.

Then some things like junior high and high school happened and I was a cheerleader and a soccer player and a math-homework-avoider and a soap-opera watcher and an inventor of crazy-delicious after school snacks, and I was all kinds of other junior high and high school things. And then, I was lucky enough to go away to college, near the great city of Boston, Massachusetts where I learned a lot and met loads of interesting people and where I made very good friends with a lot of people from New York who dragged me back to New York City with them and well, that was the end of that.

I fell in love with NYC (it took a while but then wow! did I love it) , and I met my husband there, and I found my career there, and I had my kids there. And now, because I am from Pennsylvania and because there is just something about a small town, I live in the lovely Port Washington, Long Island where New York City is just a hop, skip, and a train ride away (and where it is more appropriate to blast music while transporting children than it is on the Upper West Side--not that I didn't try) .

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