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With friendly facts, funny pictures, and animals galore, WHAT'S NEW? THE ZOO! is history to roar for!Did you know . . .* The first zoo was established forty-three hundred years ago in present-day Iraq?* Aztec King Moctezuma II had such an incredible collection of animals that it took six hundred men and women to care for them?* Zoos were crucial in the development of scientific theories of classification and evolution?* Fifty buffalo passed through Grand Central Station in 1907 on their way to the Bronx Zoo?Kathleen Krull and Marcellus Hall bring jazzy style and a globe-trotting eye to our millennia-long history of keeping animals -- and the ways animals have changed us in turn.

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Kathleen Krull

KATHLEEN KRULL is well known for her innovative, award-winning nonfiction for young readers, which includes the successful Lives of... series. Kathleen Krull lives in San Diego, CA. Visit her at www.kathleenkrull.com AND http://facebook.com/kathleen.krull

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