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Nina Sovich had always yearned for adventures in faraway places; she imagined herself leading the life of a solitary traveler. Yet at the age of thirty-four, she found herself married and contemplating motherhood. Catching her reflection in a window spotted with Paris rain, she no longer saw the fearless woman who spent her youth travelling in Cairo, Lahore, and the West Bank staring back at her. Unwittingly, she had followed life’s script, and now she needed to cast it out. Inspired by female explorers like Mary Kingsley, who explored Gabon’s jungle in the 1890s, and Karen Blixen, who ran a farm in Kenya during World War I, Sovich packed her bags and hopped on the next plane to Africa in search of adventure. To the Moon and Timbuktu takes readers on a fast-paced trek through Western Sahara, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger, bringing their textures and flavors into vivid relief.

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Nina Sovich

Nina Sovich was born in suburban Connecticut to a Swedish mother and an American father. Throughout her 20s she traveled in the Middle East, spending time in Pakistan, Egypt and the West Bank. She has reported for the Wall Street Journal and Reuters news service. At present she lives in Paris with her husband and two children. To the Moon and Timbuktu is the story of her trek through West Africa shortly after getting married in 2005. It is her first book.

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