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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of How to Hang a Witch comes a thriller set at a secretive boarding school where students are trained to carry on family legacies that have built--and toppled--empires. November is as good as dead. She just doesnt know it yet.At the Academy Absconditi, theres no electricity, no internet, and an archaic eye-for-an-eye punishment system. Classes range from knife throwing and poisons to the art of deception. And the students? Silver-spoon descendants of the worlds most elite strategists--all training to become asassins, spies, and master imporsonators. One is a virtuoso of accents--and never to be trusted. Another is a vicious fighter determined to exploit Novembers weaknesses. And then theres the boy with the mesmerizing eyes and a secret agenda. November doesnt know how an ordinary girl like her fits into the schools complicated legacy. But when a student is murdered, shell need to separate her enemies from her allies before the crime gets pinned or her...or she becomes the killers next victim.

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