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A woman's disappearance shakes up a strange northern town that is stuck in the 1980s, in a wildly imaginative novel that combines elements of The Handmaid's Tale, Stranger Things and Twin Peaks.Why can't a woman be more than one person in a lifetime?It's been months since Billie Jean Fontaine left her bedroom, trapped alone by grief. One night, out of the blue, she emerges and announces that she's going into town--but she never returns. Her husband and daughter undertake a frantic search for the beloved and beautiful Billie Jean. She was the only outsider ever to arrive in this strange town--a town founded decades ago by a charismatic cult leader, cut off from the world ever since, where the residents think the year is 1985, and listen to Whitesnake and Air Supply on their Walkmans.

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Claudia Dey

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