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""USS Stevens "is both an excellent graphic narrative and an important record of an American warship's service in the Pacific campaign of World War Two. It also serves as a fine tribute to the young sailors of the US Navy, who faced the forces of Imperial Japan in battle after battle, enduring countless hardships on the long journey to victory. Mr. Glanzman has my admiration, respect and profound gratitude. " Garth Ennis, Eisner Award winning writer of "Preacher" and "The Punisher, Hellblazer, Judge Dredd, "and "Hitman. " Legendary Golden Age artist Sam Glanzman set many of his tales aboard the USS "Stevens, " the actual World War II destroyer on which he served. This full-color, hardcover treasury collects every single "Stevens" tale he ever published, more than 60 short adventures from "Our Army at War, G.

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Sam Glanzman

Sam Glanzman (born December 5, 1924) is an American comic-book writer/artist, best known for his Charlton Comics series Hercules, about the mythological Greek demigod; his biographical war stories about his service aboard the U.S.S. Stevens for DC Comics and Marvel Comics; and the Charlton Comics Fightin' Army feature "The Lonely War of Willy Schultz", a Vietnam War-era serial about a German-American U.S. Army captain during World War II, co-created with Will Franz. Some of the titles Sam Glanzman has worked on include: Amazing-Man Comics (1939) , Spitfire Comics #1 (1941) , Green Hornet Comics (1943) , Heroic Comics (1950) , New Heroic Comics (1950) , Attack (1961) , Battlefield Action (1961) , Fightin' Air Force (1961) , Fightin' Marines (1961) , Submarine Attack (1961) , U.S. Air Force Comics (1961) , War at Sea (1961) , Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1962) , Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle (1962) , Lad: A Dog (1962) , Marco Polo (1962) , Tarzan (1964) , Hercules: Adventures of the Man-God (1967-69) , The Lonely War of Willy Schultz (1967, 1968) , Our Army at War (1970-79) , Star Spangled War Stories (1970-79) , Weird War Tales (1970-79) , Ghosts (1970-79) , Blitzkrieg (1970-79) , G.I. Combat (1970-87) , Sgt. Rock (1988) , Jonah Hex (1993-99) , Savage Tales (1986-89) , Marine Corps (1986-89) , Semper Fi (1986-89) , The 'Nam (1986-1989) , A Sailor' Story (1987-2015) , Turok Dinosaur Hunter (1992) , Zorro (1992) , Fantastic Worlds (2000) ,

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