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The definitive playbook by the pioneers of Growth Hacking, one of the hottest business methodologies in Silicon Valley and beyond. It seems hard to believe today, but there was a time when Airbnb was the best-kept secret of travel hackers and couch surfers, Pintrest was a niche web site frequented only by bakers and crafters, LinkedIn was an exclusive network for C-suite executives and top-level recruiters, Facebook was My Space's sorry step-brother, and Uber was a scrappy upstart that didn't stand a chance against the Goliath that was New York City Yellow Cabs. So how did these companies grow from these humble beginnings into the powerhouses they are today? Contrary to popular belief, they didn't explode to massive worldwide popularity simply by building a great product then crossing their fingers and hoping it would catch on.

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Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis is CEO and founder of GrowthHackers.com, the number one online community for GrowthHackers with 1.8 million global users. Sean coined the term "growth hacker" in 2010 and is the producer of the GrowthHackers Conference.

Prior to GrowthHackers, Sean founded and sold customer insights company Qualaroo, growing it to millions of dollars in recurring revenue with customers such as Starbucks, Amazon and Intuit. He has also led growth or marketing for Dropbox, Eventbrite, LogMeIn (IPO) , Uproar (IPO) and Lookout.

He regularly speaks to startups and Fortune 100s and has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, and Fast Company and on Inc.com and TechCrunch.

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