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In the newest mystery in the USA Today bestselling series, there's a battle brewing in Cabot Cove between two eateries. But when one of the combatants becomes a fatality, Jessica Fletcher will have to get cooking and find a killer ... Jessica may not know everything about food, but she knows what she likes - and she definitely likes the Leg & Claw restaurant. Opened last summer by young couple Brad and Marcie, the Leg & Claw is their dream come true, combining Marcie's sunny personality with Brad's deft hand in the kitchen. But now their dream is turning into a nightmare. Gerard "Pepe" Lebeouf is a renowned New York City chef who has a summer home in Cabot Cove. And now he's decided to open two new restaurants in Cabot Cove - in an old warehouse right next to the Leg & Claw.

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Donald Bain

From Wikipedia: Donald Bain (born 1935) is a United States author and ghostwriter. Author is his cousin and sometime co-author. Known Pseudonyms:

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