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Welcome to the Puppy Place! This Little Apple series stars a lovable new puppy in every book! And it's Charles and Lizzie Pererson's job to find every puppy the perfect home.Even after Charles and Lizzie Peterson finally have their own puppy, they still foster other dogs and help them find the perfect homes.Scout is a gorgeous German shepherd puppy and there two families are already lined up to adopt her. But when both families end up backing out at the last minute, the Petersons step in once again to save the day. Scout clearly has the skills to be a search and rescue dog, but can Charles and Lizzie find her a home that will help her reach her full potential?

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Ellen Miles

I write about puppies because I love dogs. Dogs are always happy to see you, and always excited about what's going to happen next whether it's a ride in the car, a game, or just cuddling up on the couch. Dogs are also great for telling secrets to, and for comforting you when you're sad.
I live in Vermont, an incredibly beautiful state, and I spend time outdoors every day: I love to swim in clear, cold ponds, bike on shady back roads, hike tall mountains - and ski down them!
Learn lots more about me at www.ellenmiles.net

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