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Enrique discovers that Arriquibar Sosa--who runs the small town of Sonora, Mexico, with an iron first--has taken his grandfather prisoner.

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Steven Law

Steven Law comes from a family of story tellers that inspired him with both folklore and the written word, all which derived from their pioneer days to the novels of Mark Twain and Laura Ingalls Wilder. During college Steven felt inspired to write his first novel, which a constant busy schedule forced him to put on hold. After receiving a bachelors degree in business administration Steven spent several years in corporate America, and he also nearly completed a master's degree in business education. Increasingly disenchanted with his career and course work, he dropped out of graduate school to devote his life to writing. While struggling to make a name for himself Steven has worked as a community newspaper reporter, a columnist, and a freelance Web publicist for writers and writing organizations. For over twelve years he has worked with several acclaimed authors, such as New York Times best-seller Stephen Harrigan, New York Times columnist Peter Applebome, award-winning novelist, singer, songwriter, Mike Blakely, and the late Elmer Kelton. He also works as a Web publicist for Western Writers of America and The Alamo Society.

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