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Modern life overwhelms us with throwaway stuff like appliances built to break and clothes that only enchant for a season. But it doesn't have to be this way! In this edition of A Life Less Throwaway updated specifically for the American market, Tara Button teaches you a revolutionary way of viewing your posessions that can save time, money, space--and the planet.

Button, founder of the Buy Me Once website, has become a champion of a way of living in which we thoughtfully purchase the everyday objects in our lives and give them meaning, whether they be towels, desks, pots, scissors, or a coat. Tara advocates a life of mindful buying that celebrates what lasts, giving you exercises that help you curb impulses, ignore trends, and discover your true style. The book contains ten steps to mastering mindful curation, from finding your priorities to understanding and using techniques to free yourself from external manipulations such as advertising. Tara teaches you how to resist cheaply made goods and make smart, fulfilling purchases that last a lifetime. Mindful curation is a lifestyle choice that makes people happier, healthier, and more fulfilled, while also being environmentally friendly.

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Tara Button

Tara Button is a Bestselling Author and the Founder and CEO of BuyMeOnce a movement which finds the longest lasting products on the planet and campaigns to change the way the world shops forever.

Once a cluttered, shopaholic herself, Tara turned her life around through building BuyMeOnce in her spare time and discovering the surprising benefits of buying for the long term.

When her BuyMeOnce business idea went viral in 2016 and Tara quit her job to pursue her mission of persuading the world to throw away its throwaway culture and love things that last.

Tara is an exceptional mix of consumer champion, environmentalist and lifestyle expert. Her ethos includes buying sustainably, ethically and bringing products into your life for the long term.

There was a bidding war for her first book A Life Less Throwaway which lays out her full philosophy, with practical steps on how to follow it. The book has already been an Amazon Bestseller and will be available internationally from 2018.

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