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Humor abounds in this masterfully-bilingual twist on "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" that dares to ask the question: why is that troll so grumpy anyway?

Three little cabritos have a clever plan to get past the grumpiest troll in the land. But then one of the billy goats wonders: Why is that gigante so grumpy, anyway?

This thoughtful question sends their plan in a new direction, and the results are better than they ever imagined.

Dashes of humor, empathy, and kindness make this modern twist on a classic tale a charming delight.

About the Author

Susan Middleton Elya

Susan Middleton Elya grew up near Des Moines, Iowa, went to college 35 miles away, and then left her state to teach in the middle-of-nowhere Nebraska. But before that, she traveled to Mexico City with her high school Spanish teacher, to Venezuela to student-teach, and to Burgos, Spain, to finish up her dual degree. She wanted to teach 3rd grade but ended up teaching high school Spanish instead (due to her double degree from Iowa State University) . After 8.5 years of teaching in the Midwest, she moved to San Diego to get married and ended up teaching Spanish to native speakers in Ramona, California. Then a move with her husband to the Bay Area left her jobless, with a new baby, and with plenty of time to write. She started submitting stories for publication in 1988 and finally struck gold with Say Hola to Spanish, a nonfiction picture book from Lee & Low, in 1994. Now, 29 titles later, Elya is working on novels, as well. She has three grown children and still loves to make up stories, do school visits, and remember what it was like to be a kid. She also has an online costume store in California, where she sells children's pioneer clothing and her books. Check it out at www.thepolkadotattic.com. Visit her author website at www.susanelya.com.Susan also sings with a chorus and likes to dress up and hang out with Darth Vader (see photos) .

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