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The dynamic, best-selling team of Lin Oliver and Tomie dePaola have created a charming collection of baby poems that makes the perfect gift for baby showers and first birthdays.For babies and toddlers, each moment is full of wonder and discovery. This delightful collection of original poems celebrates the everyday things that enthrall little ones, such as playing peekaboo, banging pots and pans, splashing at bath time, and cuddling at bedtime. Full of contagious rhythm and rhyme, this inviting picture book introduces young children to the sound of poetry, and beloved illustrator Tomie dePaola’s engaging children are the perfect match for Lin Oliver’s lighthearted poems. Together they’ve created a book to be treasured that captures the magic and fun of being new in the world.

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Lin Oliver

Lin Oliver is the author of over 25 funny books for kids. Well, she thinks they're funny, anyway. Seventeen of those titles are in the HANK ZIPZER: WORLD'S BEST UNDER-ACHIEVER series which she writes with Henry Winkler, about a smart boy who happens to have learning challenges. Another four are part of the WHO SHRUNK DANIEL FUNK? series about a boy who shrinks to the size of the fourth toe on his left foot only to find that he has an identical twin mini brother.

Lin is also the co-founder and Executive Director of the SCBWI, a totally impossible-to-pronounce acronym for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, an international organization of 25,000 people who write, illustrator and produce children's books.

She is the mother of three stupendous sons named Theo, Oliver and Cole. Well, she thinks they're stupendous, anyway. Oh, and their last name is Baker, so no, Oliver is not named Oliver Oliver. She would never do that to her own son!

Lin lives in Los Angeles in a big messy house with a small messy dog named Dexter and her husband, Alan Baker, who is also messy.

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