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"Clever detective work and considerable shooting. It reads lightning fast...Suspenseful." - BooklistItinerant lawmen Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are back in the saddle with guns blazing in this gritty, intense addition to the New York Times-bestselling series.After hunting down the notorious desperado Alejandro Vasquez, Territorial Marshal Virgil Cole and Deputy Everett Hitch return him to San Cristóbal to stand trial. No sooner do they remand him into custody than a major bank robbery occurs and the lawmen find themselves tasked with another job: investigating the robbery of the Comstock Bank, recovering the loot, and bringing the criminals to justice.But when their primary suspect is found severely beaten outside a high-class brothel and turns out to be using a false identity to escape a torrid past, it is Alejandro who becomes the key to their investigation.

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Robert Knott

Chosen by the Estate of author Robert B. Parker to carry on the Cole and Hitch series of western novels. Robert Knott is an actor, writer, and producer. His list of stage, television, and film credits include the feature film based on the Robert B. Parker novel which he adapted and produced with actor and producer Ed Harris. Also among his credits is the television mini-series based on the Stephen King novel. Longtime friend, co-writer and frequent co-star with Ed Harris.

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