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Tips and strategies for parents of kids who are "different" than all the rest. A quirky child experiences difficulty fitting in and connecting with others usually due to an interpersonal style or behavior that stands out from the other kids. Maybe they are obsessed with a topic of interest or spend excessive hours a day reading, playing video games, or playing with just one toy. These kids are not so far afield as to fall on the autism spectrum, but they are unique, and their behaviors are not addressed in typical parenting books. This book defines quirky markers and offers strategies for parents to understand their children's brains and behaviors; to know what is developmentally appropriate, and what isn't; to understand how to reach their kids; and to help facilitate their social functioning in the world.

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Mark Bowers

Dr. Mark Bowers is a Pediatric Psychologist and Clinical Director of Brighton Center for Pediatric Neurodevelopment. He has worked with children, adolescents, and families for over 15 years.Dr. Bowers specializes in neurodevelopmental diagnoses (e.g., Autism Spectrum, Asperger's, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Learning Difficulties) , and teaching 'quirky' kids and teens social skills. He is active in helping families obtain special education eligibility, school accommodations, and regularly advocates for children who experience social difficulties while attending school.

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