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"A gripping political thriller readers may find hard to put down." -- Dallas Morning News

Keita Ali is an elite runner living in Zantoroland, a poor, fictional island that is erupting in political violence. When his father, a journalist, is murdered, Keita escapes to the wealthy nation of Freedom State -- an imagined country much like our own. A stateless refugee without documentation, Keita must hide from the authorities even as he races marathons to support himself and ransom his sister who has been kidnapped. This tension-filled novel by the best-selling author of Someone Knows My Name is an astute exploration of dislocation, starting all over again, and the desperate need for home and community.

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Lawrence Hill

Hill is the author of ten books of fiction and non-fiction. In 2005, he won his first literary honour: a National Magazine Award for the article "Is Africa's Pain Black America's Burden?" published in . His first two novels were and , and his first non-fiction work to attract national attention was the memoir . But it was his third novel, (HarperCollins Canada, 2007) - published in some countries as and in French as - that attracted widespread attention in Canada and other countries. Lawrence Hill's non-fiction book, was published in September 2013 by House of Anansi Press. is a personal consideration of the physical, social, cultural and psychological aspects of blood, and how it defines, unites and divides us. Hill drew from the book to deliver the 2013 Massey Lectures across Canada. In 2013, Hill published the essay (University of Alberta Press) .His fourth novel, , was published by HarperCollins Canada in 2015 and by WW Norton in the USA in 2016. Hill is currently writing a new novel and a children's book, and co-writing a television miniseries adaptation of for Conquering Lion Pictures. Hill is a professor of creative writing at the University of Guelph, in Ontario.

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