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A Pulitzer Prize-winning dance critic teaches us to appreciate -- and enact -- grace in every dimension, from the physical to the emotional.Grace has long been taught as essential to civilized living. The Three Graces -- goddesses of charm, beauty, and creativity -- exemplify ease and harmony with one another and the world around them. But what has happened to this simple, marvelous concept of being at ease in the world?With warmth, humor, and an ever-perceptive eye, Sarah L. Kaufman sifts the graceful from the graceless, celebrating heart-catching moments of physical elegance in sports, movies, dance, fashion, and music; rare sightings of celebrity grace; the secrets of gracious hosts; and grace found unexpectedly, in the kitchen of a high-end restaurant and among strippers in a basement bar.

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Sarah L. Kaufman

Welcome, friend. I'm the Washington Post's dance critic and senior arts writer, and I'm also an author. A native Texan, I grew up in DC as a book lover, ballet bunhead and movie nerd. ("The Turning Point" quite mercilessly ignited my dreams. ) After grad school, etc. , I returned to DC, where my husband and I live with our three children, two cats and varying states of chaos. THE ART OF GRACE  is my first book. More info on my website: Join me on Facebook: and Instagram: My Washington Post writing: Email: sarah. kaufman@washpost. comThe Art of Grace:

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