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This engaging prequel to Joseph Girzones bestselling series which has sold more than million books in the United States describes Joshuas early years and the first inklings of his destiny as a messenger of love in a troubled worldMillions of readers around the world have followed the story of the gentle woodcarver and carpenter who was first introduced in in Joseph Girzones beloved parable Joshua In JOSHUAS FAMILY Girzone travels back in time painting a captivating portrait of the mother and father who nurtured Joshua and of the friends and neighbors who viewed the unusually precocious child with an uneasy balance of wonder and skepticism Joshuas extraordinary nature and mysterious gifts come to light even as he participates in the ordinary routines of small-town life his gentleness and loving spirit imbue his interactions with contemporaries and adults alike As he grows from child to adolescent Joshua gradually awakens to the knowledge that he has been placed on earth for a special reason Leaving the comforts of family and a familiar world he moves to the outskirts of a distant town where he will begin to teach others how the powers of love tolerance and understanding can heal the divisions in the human family and bring everlasting peace to the world This is the book so many have been waiting for and its powerful message is a much-needed antidote to the difficulties in todays world.

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