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In 1895, twelve-year-old Stan decides to find his long-lost father in the logging camps of Michigan, documenting in his scrapbook his travels and encounters with troublesome relatives, his mother's suitors, lumberjacks, and more.

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Alison DeCamp

Alison grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where people say "Yah, eh? " and "Youse guys" and dress in many layers for seven months of the year. Unlike Stan, the hero in her debut book, Alison had indoor plumbing and more than two pairs of pants. However, she might have worn the same sweater every day in fifth grade.

The daughter of a hardware store owner (and reluctant, occasional employee) Alison spent too many school breaks attending ACE Hardware conventions and not enough at Disney World. After graduating from Michigan State University, Alison began teaching middle and high school English. Here she dealt with students chewing tobacco during one of her amazing lessons as well as a questionable principal who once pulled her out of class just to get Alison's opinion on her new skirt.

Alison admires teachers greatly.

After eight years, Alison quit teaching to stay at home with two babies who are now two teenagers. Babies and teenagers require almost the same amount of work. During this time she taught herself to make glass beads and jewelry which she sold at local galleries. She no longer makes jewelry or beads, instead she creates stories, plans trips she will probably never take, and spends too much time grocery shopping. Her people like to eat.

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